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Open Source Apple MDM that connects the dots.

Implement best in class open source solutions for Application Allowlisting, Patch Management and Observability with GitOps Workflows and No-Nonsense Support.

Unified View

Unified View

All asset information in one inventory - no more looking in various places.

CI/CD Pipelines

CI/CD Pipelines

Manage your endpoints with git, not dropdowns.

Automate reporting

Automate reporting

With your homework done, you'll pass audits without the sweat.

Zentral is a holistic system for Apple device management

Zentral is a high-visibility platform for controlling Apple endpoints in enterprises. It brings great observability to IT and makes tracking & reporting compliance much less manual.

Zentral has an event-driven architecture that can link IT and Security operations. For example, both teams can cooperate on the binary authorization module.

Zentral integrates Munki patch management with its own next-gen MDM for full control of the device lifecycle.

IT teams can boost operational performance with automations and smart integrations. Our support goes beyond to deliver service, results and ROI.

Your observatory of assets and cybersecurity. Combined.

Zentral brings outstanding visibility to Apple Device Management. It provides a comprehensive and consolidated view of all asset inventory data. With it, organizations can effectively track and manage their cybersecurity risks.

Unified View & high resolution.

Zentral compiles asset inventory data from various sources. Its normalization process ensures that all data is standardized so it is easier to interpret and act upon. This way Zentral helps you to identify vulnerabilities, assess exposure, and mitigate risks.

Everytime a device’s data is updated, it creates change events. The platform also offers a snapshot of device information for each source. We call it Unified View.

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Continuous control of compliance.

Automate reporting with Zentral’s customisable Compliance Checks.

You can verify inventory data and fill in the gaps with Osquery. Get visibility into compliance status and export reports via the API.

With a reliable feedback loop you can be confident your endpoint protection measures are effective.

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Follow through on Apple Mobile Device management.

Want a comprehensive approach to manage the complete lifecycle of Apple devices? Zentral merges next-gen Apple MDM with a community-driven patch management system. Work from initial deployment to ongoing software management and maintenance. All in one place.

Game-changing Apple MDM server.

This new class of Apple MDM server has many leading edge features:

Zentral uses GitOps workflows for MDM configurations that sharpen their security and reliability.

The event auditing feature allows for easier troubleshooting. It helps to find distribution issues with MDM commands and configuration.

Manage configuration profiles with the right mix of flexibility and automation.

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Community-driven patch management system.

Zentral’s patch management module gives you granular control over adaptable machine subsets. You can install specific app versions on only a group of machines.

Deploy software updates fast and shut down vulnerabilities in your fleet. With Zentral’s issue detection and tracking system, you can be sure that patch management works as expected.

Of course there is an audit trail of events and metrics that you can export for visualization.

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Strong endpoint protection and monitoring solutions.

Event-driven architecture lends itself for endpoint security management. A real time stream of events is foundational to Zentral. The integration with Allowlisting and Blocklisting makes a powerful tool for vulnerability management.

Events that play nice with SIEMs.

Zentral is an event-based platform. It captures and enriches every agent request, log entry, and status change. Context makes troubleshooting easier.

With powerful routing options, you can ship events to multiple stores. Raw data is encapsulated into a normalized structure and enriched with relevant information.

Zentral also emits events itself. They are generated for anything: configuration changes, user logins, logouts, and failed login attempts.

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Powerful macOS security system.

Zentral is a great way to implement Application Allowlisting. It manages Santa, Google’s binary authorization system for macOS.

Move towards Allowlisting in a phased approach. First, stop the execution of malware and of unwanted or unlicensed software with Blocklisting. Proceed to a stricter mode of operation until only approved apps are permitted.

Keep a record of all actions on endpoints with event logging and shipping. Create comprehensive automated reports and measure how effective the system is.

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We’re about empowering users to transform workflows and achieve better results.

IT teams can be more efficient, reduce errors, and improve security and compliance with Zentral. It’s a centralized, automated, and customizable solution for Apple in enterprise environments. And without headaches: Zentral comes with stellar support.

Are you chasing operational excellence?

Zentral aims to bring about “Quality of Dev Life” improvements for Client Platform Engineers. Our goal is that users can get your job done faster, more effective, and with less obstacles.

Our Support is always close by, so we can help you achieve what you’re trying to do. Our core belief is that we can learn from each other and that you can help us to improve our product.

Listening to you professionals has led to automations and augmentations to make your complex work more easy.

Want to accelerate processes with DevOps concepts, complete with CI/CD Pipeline deployments? Coming right up!

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Do the homework and blaze through auditing.

Get a lot of coverage over Cybersecurity frameworks by just one tool. Zentral lets Client Platform Managers create strong foundations with big bang for the buck.

We guide your team with a situational plan of action to a gradual adoption of Zentral’s advanced management capabilities.

See what’s going on in real time with dashboards and clever automatic reporting features. With Zentral you’re always ready for auditing when you put in the work - once!

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We've come to make a difference.

Our goal is to be recognized at the forefront of innovation in the Mac admin community. Our background is a professional services and consulting company. Our superpower is support.

We will make Zentral the definitive solution for integrating Apple in Enterprise.

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TransTerraform Endpoint Management at Scale.

Zentral applies infrastructure-as-code principles to device management. Automations for deployment and configuration free up IT to focus on strategic tasks.

Terraform-based GitOps.

GitOps increase consistency, reliability and accountability in challenging environments. With Zentral you get GitOps for almost anything.

First, we’ll define resources with the official Zentral Terraform provider. Next, we’ll set up a CI/CD pipeline to get an audit trail and automation. Then, finally, we’ll pull it all together with advanced workflows across multiple environments.

We have created a strong foundation for reliability and compliance. Now we can catch mistakes before they happen. When we streamline and reduce manual friction with GitOps, we can shift our attention from the process to the goal.

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Repeatable, reliable deployments.

When we have set up a Deployment CI/CD pipeline with you, regular updates will never make you sweat.

Enterprise plans include production-ready Zentral environments in Terraform Modules. They are constantly maintained and updated.

Zentral supports standard cloud environment managed services. Best practices for IAM, VPC security, and automations are in place.

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