Win at Governance.

Lay groundwork to pass audits quickly and with flying colors with a comprehensive approach to reporting.

Improve your core competencies of cyber security.

Identify Zentral offers a unified view across your devices and applications that spans multiple inventory sources. Unified view gives you flexible reporting, precise metrics, and a powerful search, without having to look in different places.

Detect Monitor of your fleet’s health with the inventory or Osquery compliance checks. Aggregate the generated events in dashboards, or ship them to security’s SIEM.

Protect Keep applications up to date with powerful patch management. Allow or block applications by deploying Google Santa on your devices, and monitor the usage of apps. Use the Zentral’s MDM capabilities to distribute required configurations, orchestrate OS updates, and to secure devices with disk encryption.

Zentral is radically trimmed for productivity.

Automation From the infrastructure required to deploy Zentral to configuring Zentral itself: In our Enterprise Pland we provide you with support for automated workflows that you can adopt in your continuous deployment system. We strive to follow the industry’s best practices to help you operate Zentral in a secure, reliable and auditable fashion.

Collective Sourcing Benefit from experience, feature requests and improvements of other users that operate large fleets of devices with strong security requirements.

Support We are here to help not only when things break! Schedule training sessions for your team about Zentral or pick our brains about Terraform, macOS administration, AWS, … You get a dedicated chat channel as direct line to our engineers that your team can use to get quick and informed answers to help them in their day-to-day work.

Situational implementation plans that don't overstretch.

Transparence Benefit from our consulting experience to plan and implement a reasonable, iterative and solid Zentral deployment in your (cloud) environment of choice. If required, we can also help to carry out a successful Proof of Value with our guided test environment program.

Integration Reuse existing pieces of infrastructure in your Zentral deployment. If a team in your company already operates an event store, you don’t have to deploy and maintain another one. Collaborate with other departments by connecting metrics, automating reporting, or shipping events.

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