The Power of Unified View.

Zentrals inventory provides most detailed data across sources, harmonized and all in one place - vital for effective cybersecurity identification and mitigation.

Source-agnostic asset inventory.

“Identify” is the first function of the NIST cybersecurity framework,
and the maintainance of a software and hardware inventory is essential to it. During an incident, or when you learn of a vulnerability, you need the ability to quickly evaluate your exposure, and identify affected devices.

You can “Bring your own MDM”: Zentral gathers granular inventory data across different sources and merges them into one Unified View. Do you manage devices with different inventory systems or MDMs? Through acquisition and evolution it is natural for a company to inherit extra systems. No need to worry.

Augment inventory with data from agents.

Data collected from MDMs can be quite limited. When you enroll Osquery, Santa, or Munki with Zentral, you can feed information gathered by these agents into the inventory to complement the picture.

Osquery is especially powerful because of the depth and quality of the information it gathers and because it is a multi-platform agent.

Munki collects exhaustive app data that is much more detailed than what Jamf offers, for example.

Normalized data & smart events.

Interpreting inventory data from multiple sources is challenging. Zentral normalizes data and saves it in a unified model, so you don’t have to. Zentral keeps a snapshot of device information for each source so they are not mixed up when you need to examine them more closely.

Before updating device data, Zentral compares it with its existing state and creates a change event. Not only can you see if a device is running the latest version of a software, but also when the last update happened.

Our Enterprise Plan helps you succeed with:

Plug-in inventory sources.

We connect your MDM to Zentral inventory with you

Instance & Deployment.

We help you with server management or do it for you

Event Streams.

We help integrate your inventory with event stores

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