Take Away Deployment Anxiety with Great Support.

We guide your team to a repeatable and reliable process of successful Zentral deployments and maintainance. Or we do it for you.

Self-service or managed deployments.

For deployment, our support is built around Terraform modules that we use to deploy a production ready Zentral environment that scales. The modules are constantly maintained and updated with our codebase.

When we initially deploy Zentral, we can help your team setup a Terraform workflow to maintain the Zentral deployment with your preferred CI/CD system, or, if you want, you just leave all things deployment to us.

Zentral supports standard cloud environment managed services, following best practices for IAM, VPC security, and automations.

Regular updates without the drama.

We maintain pre-built images for various cloud environments that are available to Enterprise Plan subscribers. When new Zentral features are released, or when OS updates are required, we build and release them. In your next deployment, Terraform modules pick the new images and replace the instances in a rolling update process.

Through automating your deployment pipeline you gain repeatabilty and predictability. The streamlined workflow makes regular updates easy and you can benefit from new features comfortably and without breaking a sweat.

Pick all-in-one or modular.

Our classic Zentral Terraform deployment includes an event store (OpenSearch on AWS for example), a monitoring instance with Prometheus for collecting the metrics and Grafana for the dashboards.

If you already operate supported subsystems, like Splunk as SIEM, or a managed Grafana deployment for
the dashboards, these can be used instead. We fully support custom architectures as part of our Enterprise Plan.

We Will Do Anything to See You to Success.

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