Powerful Monitoring and Dynamic Repositories for Munki.

Elevate patch management to a higher level. Use automatic issue detection and tracking, staged rollouts and snazzy dashboards.

Find out early when something is off.

Zentral has an automatic issue detection system. After you enroll Munki with it, Zentral will keep scanning the Munki reports. It identifies Munki packages that are not working correctly.

When it finds failed or multiple installations, it keeps track of them for you. Incidents that link to the machines involved will open and close automatically. Zentral emits an audit trail of events throughout the process .

Collect high-resolution information for your inventory.

Munki is the best source of information for installed applications on a machine. With Zentral, you can collect this extensive information and much more. At each Munki run, you can collect other inventory data: OS, principal user, even custom facts.

Zentral adds all the data into its unified inventory. There, you can use compliance checks to monitor the health of your devices. As always, Zentral generates events when it detects changes.

Stage rollouts and add greater flexibility.

Zentral makes your existing Munki repository more flexible. Wether it’s a HTTP server, a S3 bucket or a Cloudfront distribution, Zentral can serve it to your fleet.

Configure multiple dynamic manifests and catalogs to present different repositories to your machines. Use inventory machine tags and shards to selectively and progressively rollout packages.

Use GitOps for every configuration item.

Use the official Zentral Terraform module to manage the Munki manifests, sub manifests and enrollments. This integration is perfect for a CI/CD system. Protect your main branch and setup mandatory code reviews. Dry-runs for the pull requests improve the security and reliability of your configuration. Zentral will generate audit events for each configuration change.

If you want, you can build a custom workflow. Lower level API endpoints are available for the reporting and inventory integration and for the dynamic repository.

Raise awareness with effective dashboards and events.

Zentral exports Prometheus metrics for visualizations. You can monitor incident trends with your favorite dashboard system. Each package that Munki manages gets a counter. Now you can display the rollouts and track versions deployed.

Zentral also helps with troubleshooting. Each Munki request is logged as event, enriched and attached to the device.

Our Enterprise Plan helps you succeed with:

Munki enrollment.

To achieve a seamless migration from your current setup, we guide you during the deployment of the Munki agent and its enrollment onto Zentral.

Munki reporting.

We help you to ship Munki events and metrics and to visualize them in your dashboard system.

Repository integration.

Zentral integration with your existing Munki repository workflow: synchronization with Zentral, CI/CD pipeline, enrollment packages, …

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