Introducing a New Breed of Apple MDM Server.


How to Stop Worrying and Love (or Live With) the Apple MDM Protocol.

GitOps for your MDM configuration.

This feature is currently in private preview. Contact us to get access!

The official Zentral Terraform module adds GitOps workflows to Zentral. You can manage MDM configuration profiles, apps, and enrollments. You can describe all the configuration items as code and add them to a git repository.

Protect your main branch with mandatory code reviews and dry-runs for pull requests. Add a Terraform deployment step when merging into the protected branch.

This way you put in place a dependable CI/CD pipeline for MDM. You will greatly improve the security and reliability of your configuration.

Shine a light into the blackbox.

Zentral helps you troubleshoot issues with the distribution of MDM commands and configurations. With its event-driven architecture, forensics are much easier. You have all the information for remediation at your fingertips.

Requests made by the Apple MDM daemon and agent are available in each device’s event audit trail. All MDM commands that Zentral scheduled automatically are also logged. The next time things do not go your way, you will be prepared.

The right mix of flexibility and automation.

Upload your own configuration profiles. Start using the new Apple MDM payloads as soon as they release.

Zentral has built-in mechanisms to enhance your profiles. Variable substitutions are available for all payloads. You can set values using device or user attributes. One time SCEP challenges can be configured to finalize your certificate payloads.

Zentral schedules periodic tasks for you. It handles the FileVault key rotation, for example. It also takes care of the reinstallation of the MDM profiles at configured intervals.

Our Enterprise Plan helps you succeed with:

GitOps setup.

We help you setup a GitOps worflow for your MDM configuration. Choose your favorite source management system, like GitHub or GitLab.

Configuration profiles.

Some MDM payloads are more complicated than others. We can help you fine-tune your configuration to achieve your goals.

Identity provider integration.

Configure Zentral to authenticate and authorize your users using your identity provider, with LDAP, SAML or OpenID Connect.

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