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On your quest for operational excellence Zentral has your back.

Tools you know and love, but better.

Intuitive Design Zentral orchestrates popular open source solutions for Client Platform Engineering. They are made for real-world problems and built and maintained by specialists. Zentral’s integrations honor these tools philosophy and does not bend them. That means you, the user, can benefit from experience you may have already gathered in a familiar environment.

Connect Zentral fuses your toolkit together to multiply its capabilities: Use Munki to compliment your Jamf extension attributes or use Osquery to fill the gaps in your inventory.

Scale Zentral helps you deal with the scale of operations: We add functionality to the tools to make the deployment in the fleet more progressive. Inspired by the shards in Osquery, we have introduced shards in Munki’s pkginfo and manifests, for example.

Augmented Capabilities Osquery packs are great, but with Zentral you can convert them to YAML to add comments and turn snapshots into compliance checks. Zentral empowers you to write your own compliance checks, complete with metrics and events, so you can leave behind presets that you cannot customize.

Take DevOps concepts to endpoint management.

Configuration-As-Code Nowadays, very few would consider deploying a piece of infrastructure without following infrastructure-as-code principles. Why not use the same workflows to manage your endpoints configurations?

Audit Trail Use the official Terraform plugin or the Zentral API endpoints to setup GitOps pipelines for your Santa, Osquery, Munki or MDM configurations. Push changes to feature branches, add code reviews, and apply the updated configuration to production when you merge into your main branch.

Metrics Zentral exports Prometheus metrics that you can visualize with your favorite dashboard tool. Graph the rollout of a new version of a Munki package or the percentage of machines failing a compliance check. If a key metric is missing, all you have to do is tell us!

Logs and Events A powerful log aggregation tool, because at its heart, Zentral is an event pipeline. It collects the logs generated by the agents, enriches them with inventory data, and ships them to your event stores. Even collected inventory data is turned into change events, when Zentral detects a new version of an application or an OS.

Made for working as a team.

Inventory Babel Fish Unify your data across sources. Zentral normalizes events and inventory so they can be shipped and interpreted universally.

Collaborate With InfoSec Zentral gives you detailed filtering options, so you can ship only events that are relevant and avoid blowing up the cost of your SIEM.

Role Based Access Control Grant your colleagues read-only access or delegate tasks to them and reduce time spent waiting.

Reports at the Ready Automate your reporting and print the report when you need it.

Real-Time Dashboards Push metrics to your existing tools and build dashboards for incredible Oversight.

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