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We aren't just a vendor, with us you get a partner.

Zentral started as a consultancy with a unique, “special sauce” open-source tool. In 2022, we transitioned from services to software. However, we continue to live and breath professional services and customer guidance. When you enter into an Enterprise Plan with us, we aren’t done, we get started.

Services are our beating heart. Our mission is to listen and help you make a difference in your device management. Our goal is to bring you the definitive, tailored Apple management solution and we won’t be happy until you are.

We've got expert knowledge.

We have a long history in the mac admin community. Our Zentral open-source project debuted at MacSysAdmin 2015 and has gone through numerous iterations since then. Today it orchestrates the most popular open source tools for managing Apple devices, all in one place. Because we’ve been integerating these tools for so long, we have sophisticated knowledge about their mechanics - and how to put them to good use.

Through talking to enterprise customers from different industries and localities, we have gained invaluable knowledge on effective MDM integrations and how to avoid bad ones. We’ve helped weeding out flawed helpers and hotfixes, and guided IT teams to reliable solutions.

We'll make it work for you.

Make Zentral go your way. As Zentral continues to grow and improve, we welcome your input. While we have our roadmap, we have certain flexibility.

Need a feature fast-tracked? We can talk wether we can adapt our roadmap. Are you missing a function? Just ask. We’re dedicated to building features that benefit all users. And if you really, really want that obscure integration that nobody else wants, we can build it just for you.

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