Teach an Old Dog Amazing New Tricks.

Zentral augments Jamf with sensational observability, smart reporting and clever Automations.

Turbocharge your Jamf.

Fidelity Zentral can collect a lot of data from Jamf and make it available in its inventory. It retrieves not only basic inventory attributes, but also more granular details like the groups, applications, configurations profiles, principal user and extension attributes. No information is lost along the way.

Finesse Zentral does not put unecessary load on your Jamf servers because with the webhooks it updates fresh inventory data in realtime. There is no need to brute-force-pull the whole inventory at regular intervals.

Focus Greatly improve Jamf’s observability when Zentral turns all inventory updates for any device into events that you can filter and ship to your favorite event stores. It can export Apps and OS metrics that you can then graph in a dashboard. With powerful filters you can search the inventory and generate reports from the results.

Enjoy a Unified View.

Fusion You can use other Zentral integrations like Osquery to collect complementary or more detailed inventory information and display it alongside the Jamf data in our inventory views. Zentral’s auto-tagging functionality lets you use Jamf groups to activate or deactivate Osquery packs or Google Santa rules.

Zentrify Bring all your inventory data together under one roof. You may have inherited different fleets of devices managed using other systems than Jamf. Connect them to Zentral and benefit from one single, centralized system for all your searches and reports.

Automation workflows.

Use Zentral to trigger Jamf policies. You could, for example, disable the VPN access on a machine based on the result of a set of Compliance Checks. Zentral offers two mechanisms for this:

Group assignment You can configure event probes to add a machine to a Jamf group or remove a machine from a Jamf group when matching events are detected.

Extension attributes You can set Extension attributes with event probes.

Our Enterprise Plan helps you succeed with:

Jamf configuration.

We help you connect your Jamf instance to Zentral:

  • Network requirements
  • Authentication
  • Webhooks setup

Advanced auto-tagging.

Use auto-tagging rules based on the Jamf groups to organize your inventory in Zentral, and dynamically activate other features like Osquery packs or Google Santa rules.

Inventory Compliance Checks.

We help you write JMESPath expressions that are evaluated on each Jamf device update to check the device compliance.

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