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Our patch management module is for people who want to prove their rollouts completed two weeks after release.

The devil is in the details.

Patch management is part of the Protect (or similar) function of security frameworks. Zentral gives you granular control over which exact version of an app runs on a device. You can deploy different versions to different, adaptable subsets of machines.

With the Zentral Patch Management Module you deploy software updates quickly. Speed is imperative to shut down vulnerabilities in your fleet. Monitor the rollout of updates and get feedback when it has reached the desired state.

Clever software management.

Zentral integrates with Munki, an open source project from Walt Disney Animation Studios. Large organizations around the world use Munki to manage software installs on macOS.

The tool’s creators have made great design decisions. Munki leaves all the state reconciliation to the agent and uses file serving over HTTP. It is the best solution for software distribution on macOS clients. It’s that simple!

Zentral augments the capabilities of Munki in two ways. First, it acts as a dynamic server for the agent. Second, it deploys a custom post-flight script. The script collects the reports and the inventory information about the devices.

Great observability and reporting.

Patch management is a vital part of your security posture. You have to make absolutely sure it works as expected. With its issue detection and tracking system Zentral is there to prove it.

Zentral processes Munki’s reports automatically. Zentral exports metrics that you can visualize with your favorite dashboard tools. As always, Zentral produces an audit trail of events.

Our Enterprise Plan helps you succeed with:

Munki deployment.

We manage the Munki agent with macOS configuration, Zentral enrollment and upgrades.

Munki management.

We draw up Munki Manifests for subsets of machines of your choice based on your requirements

Munki dashboards.

We turn events into metrics and dashboards for real time reporting

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